Dungeons & To Be Determined

A 20-sided die with "TBD" on the visible faces of the die which is the logo for Dungeons and To Be Determined.

A completely improvised TTRPG liveplay

Come watch the hit one day only TTRPG where YOU decide the rules and choose the adventure for the players! The audience decides what the stats are what powers players have who the Big Bad is and even what dice to roll. Join the Boston-based improvisers of the award-nominated live play "Blittle League" as they maneuver an ever-changing landscape of rules motivations and settings to tell an unpredictable story. Help us make something unique epic and really silly.

New episodes broadcast LIVE on Twitch. Follow us for the full schedule!



Our other live play, Blittle League, was slected to the 2023 MN Webfest!

Pax West

We will be performing at PAX West!